What is it with us and belief?

Do you have people in sales who you believe in but lack self-belief? 

What could they achieve with strong self-belief?

Reference; Irish independent, November 8th 2016. Andrew Trimble after Ireland beat the All Blacks.

… Trimble reveals that the Irish squad were constantly wrestling doubt before and even during Saturday’s win.

“Hopefully we can bring the right amount of confidence. Confidence in ourselves. It’s a little bit of a wrestle with yourself to believe that we were capable of doing that”. … We had enough belief in ourselves that we could do it, that we could get over the line. But at the same time we are only capable of that performance whenever we put the work in and get our head space right”.

Reference; Mashable, December 17th 2015. Satya Nadella, Chairman of Microsoft reinforces Microsoft’s mission statement.

“Growth Mindset starts with a belief that everyone can grow and develop, potential is nurtured, not predetermined, and that anyone can change their mindset”

SellUe builds belief in ability, confidence in behaviour, and positive outcomes in sales performance.



Founder, Black Twist Hard Coffee

Conor Coughlan

Working with David really improved my understanding of my behaviour and performance: what really drove me on and why; what held me back and why. More importantly, with his support, I was able to build a picture of what good looked like for me and a real plan on how to get there. David’s manner and guidance were exceptional, bringing me to realisations I was unable to reach on my own.


Co-Founder at Pundit Arena

Ross O’Dwyer

I worked with David on an individual basis and in group sessions with the core management team at Pundit Arena. The time I spent with David personally allowed me to step back and look at where I could self improve. It was by far the most valuable time I put aside in 2016. I instantly bonded with David on a personal level and his down to earth character makes him extremely easy to get on with. I would recommend working with David to anyone.


CEO at QuickMinutes.com

Danny O’ Donovan

David really helped me to understand the scope of the value proposition, working together we were able to develop an approach/framework to critically analyse value creation. David asked questions that would prompt me to ask questions of my business leading to a very natural and organic method of identifying issues and solutions. A very non-invasive and effective technique to tackling the big issues at the core of an organisation. Instrumental to the development of my business. Would definitely recommend.


Director at DMA Foods

Denis McCarthy

David has been an unbiased, down-to-earth and objective resource for me while we chart the next steps of our company’s evolution. His ability to ask the right questions then go deeper has been extremely helpful in uncovering root causes of key issues for me on both a business and personal level. David doesn’t just give advice but rather enables others to come up with answers themselves. I would highly recommend him to others.