So, where is it hurting most?

Conversations at MRO Europe in Amsterdam have highlighted that there are several challenges to getting the best from asset teardown and consignment. Some even identified the process as a necessary hardship. In this next series of articles, one every two weeks, SellUe examines the pain points and solutions through its own experience, and more importantly through direct interviews and surveys with several industry players.

ABL Aviation, KV Aviation, AeroVista, Sirius Aviation, Metis Technical, GTLK Leasing, and Global Flight Consultants, are among those who have kindly made time to contribute to this next series of articles.

We will be speaking about;

  1. Why asset teardown and consignment is seen as a task that is done out of obligation rather than as an opportunity to maximise asset revenue.
  2. The data load being generated and provided to Leasing Companies;
  • How data can be leaned out of the process.
  • How data can be funneled up to provide leasing companies with the data they need.
  • Presenting data such that it leads to direct and timely decision making.
  • What the key in-consignment steps are and when they should be taken.
  1. Survey results from our Key Contributors and what they point to.
  2. Challenges being experienced mid-pandemic and those expected post-pandemic.
  3. What is driving success.
  4. Initiatives being considered to increase teardown values.

There are a number of common threads coming through the articles, probably the most prominent is that the aviation industry is a tight knit industry. The ability to work together to a common outcome is well demonstrated in a number of sectors within our industry. The connectiveness of companies, but perhaps more importantly people, was very evident at MRO Amsterdam, and has been enhanced through our pandemic experience.

Utilising that to change the teardown and consignment experience is conceivably one step away. The upcoming articles deal with overcoming aviation teardown consignment challenges, and the part that working together can play within that.


The articles will be similar to the prior series, all available on, so short blogs that will take 2 to 3 minutes to read. If you would like to receive these direct to your email box, please provide your email address to [email protected].

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